Mobile Development

As more and more businesses in Ireland are embracing mobile devices access to your website and web app is vitally important to you and most importantly to your customers.

Mobile applications or apps have come an integral part for reaching an wider audience for your products or services.

Mobile apps can be used to allow your customers to interact with your services or products on the move through their smartphone or tablet device.

At Mci design we are mobile development specialists where we develop mobile apps that allows your business to attract such customers on the go, for example if your business sells products online we can develop an mobile app or responsive mobile version of your existing website to allow such interaction to take place.

We offer the following:

  • Native Mobile Apps
    We develop native mobile apps for iOS iPhone / iPad and Android devices, these types of apps are platform specific to these type of devices.

  • Mobile Web Apps
    mobile web applications are much more flexible and are not platform specific and run the devices installed browser so your web app will run on all platforms including Blackberry.

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We Also Provide

So you already have a website but you are not sure how to make it look good on a mobile device or want a mobile app, we can offer the following:

  • Responsive Web Design - We ensure your website is developed to respond to different resolutions so no matter what kind of mobile device your site is been viewed on it will always respond to that screen size.

  • Mobile Animations - We create web animations using the latest web technologies that will work on all mobile devices and are not reliant on Flash technology.